ABC Retail Brand Strategy #IIMDM @AnanthV9

ABC is a retail clothing brand. It believes in an à la mode approach to fashion.

The Digital Marketing Strategy will be active on following platforms:

Facebook [budget: 200000]

Instagram (ads will be handled by facebook) [budget: 200000]

Twitter [budget: 100000]

Google Adwords [budget: 100000]

Analytics to be measured: Views, Website visits and Time spent on website

SEO Keywords: online shopping, clothing, ABC, online, shopping, retail, clothes, fashion

Pay Per Click:




NOTE: This project is a part of a LIVE Class Assignment of 3 Day Advanced Digital Marketing Workshop at IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus by






9 success IIM Indore digital marketing guides

9 success IIM Indore digital marketing guides

  • Social media plays very important part in or life.
  • If any company/product wants to reach maximum number of people, social media plays very important role.
  • At the same time social media should be handled properly otherwise it can backfire.
  • IIM Indore Digital Marketing workshop


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